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Approach of clinical psychology in general

Clinical Psychology in General:

First and foremost, clinical psychology based therapy is built on empathic listening as well as speech. By simply laying out a problem in a neutral environment it can help shed light on various underlying issues. Combined with the appropriate psychological guidance, this somewhat “simple” task may even be the key to solving the problem.
More specifically, the psychologist aids in dealing with those life circumstances that have become too big an issue to dismantle on one’s own and helps to redefine priorities as well as life choices.
Ultimately, the goal is a better and happier life for those who pursue it.

Specific psychological assistance for…

Personal, social and environmental factors all determine why and how a child develops his or her own personality. Nowadays children are thrown into the world of the grown-up’s way sooner than they used to and in many different ways, which creates a great variety of challenges for both the kids and their parents. In therapy, we address the entire system in which the child grows up and try to identify where certain undesired behaviours stem from. Familiar, educational and social problems such as social anxieties, addictive or destructive behaviours towards themselves or others, can be treated in therapy.

(Under aged children need to be accompanied by their legal representatives.)

Function faster, be more productive, make no mistakes! Many adults feel overwhelmed by today’s fast pass and its expectancies, thereby losing their ways and developing behaviours they don’t recognize in themselves. That is how anxieties, phobias, addictions and uncharacteristic behaviours find their way to the surface. Whether it is at home, at work, in your social environment or towards yourself, therapy can help you understand, re-examine and redefine your priorities and rearrange your life step by step.

Merging 2 lives into 1 is not always easy, and requires good communication as well as the will to make compromises. It is a balancing act that is affected by a myriad of things, some of which that are judged more important by one person than by the other. These challenges can be addressed in couples’ therapy, including topics such as miscommunication, infidelity, different views in child upbringing, sexuality, etc…


The professional secret is the foundation of every psychological therapy and will be respected at all times. The Code de Déontologie is very strict and, thus, everything that is being discussed during the session will be treated confidentially.