Nadine Grand-Greiveldinger, 32 years old, born in Luxembourg
Certified Psychologist


My Psychology

Based on my understanding of psychology and my experience in the field, I feel it is most important to know oneself and to be brave enough to be completely honest about it. Psychological counselling can play an important role in achieving that goal, particularly because many people lose their sense of self during their busy lives.
By finding this sacred place, possibly in therapy, where you can simply be yourself, no judgement from anyone but yourself, I witnessed many people change their lives in wonderful ways. Laying out your problems to someone who is not involved and will not be affected by your honesty is very cathartic and allows you to see yourself in a much clearer way.
There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, only unique perspectives.


Bachelor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Montpellier

Masters in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Investigation at the University of Liverpool

Formation in « scolastic suffering of adolescents»

Formation dans «Social anxieties of young children»


Volunteer at St. Elisabeth foster home

Internschip at the penitentiary in Luxembourg

Lycée technique de la Profession de Santé at the Service d’Accompagnement

Private practice since 2014